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In many ways a cop is like a psychologist or bartender. All of us are often called upon to give advice from time to time. More often than not, the cop talks about crime prevention, how to talk to shaving hair, pubic kids about drugs and what to look for to see if your kids are doing drugs. In my long career as a cop in New Jersey, I gave such advice many times. It just came with the upskirts public flash shaved pussy and I was happy to do it.

One spring day I was at my desk in the detective bureau preparing a case to submit to the prosecutor's office to bring before the grand jury. I wasn't in the mood to be stuck indoors with the first blush of warmer weather following a particularly brutal winter. But, it was one of my duties, so I persevered. My two partners, Mike and Al, were out to lunch. My window looked out to a traffic circle and I found myself becoming transfixed by the hundreds of cars passing by each hour. I was startled by the ring of what we called "the black phone." Installed to allow informants women with shaved faces call detectives without having to go through the main switchboard, the black phone shaved male nudes and adult check also used to connect us with wives, girlfriends and buddies. After two rings, I answered it. It was a buddy Charlie Pate. He was looking shave their pubic hair a favor. Charlie was a private investigator and long-time friend. He had had an abbreviated police career cut short by a physical disability, which was caused by a line-of-duty injury. Charlie was collecting a disability pension shaven pussy thumbnail well as his income from the agency, which he owned.

"Curt, I need you to speak to someone for me."

"Glad to do it, Charlie Who and about what?"

"Curt, I have shaved women neighbor whose daughter is in her middle twenties and wants to be a cop. She's on the rescue squad here in town and is looking to talk to someone capable of giving her the scoop on what would be involved and what her chances would be."

This conversation took place in the late 1970s and, frankly, the concept of females had not yet taken off in the local municipalities. Her chances were slim, though not impossible. But, Charlie was an old friend and I agreed to meet with her and instructed him to have pictures of shaven call me.

"Just so shaved free index pics shaved cocks Curt, Joanne is no looker," Charlie admitted. I told him I didn't care and that her career plans in law enforcement might actually be better if looks were not an issue.

Later that afternoon I got a phone call from Joanne, who briefed me very generally on her concerns. We agreed to meet the next shaving pattern in my office at 630 PM. She seemed pleasant enough.

The following day, I took the grand jury file to the prosecutor's office, did a bit of free guys pics shaved follow-through on open cases and went to the diner around 430 in the afternoon. After the almost ritualistic flirting with the staff of waitresses, I sat down and ordered a Greek salad and a glass of iced tea. The salad was enormous I could only finish half of it. I had no dessert and returned to the office where I killed an free shaved cunt or so before Joanne's arrival. She was very prompt and I directed the desk officer to send her up. I heard her footsteps on the staircase and went out to teen shaved spanking free sample pics ante-room to greet wax vs shaving Charlie was right. She was "no looker." But she had a winning and sincere smile and beautiful teeth, so she wasn't a total loss. We greeted one another and shook hands. She was tall, maybe 5'8" and athletic looking. shaved wife pussy was wearing dark slacks and a windbreaker-style jacket in the early spring evening air. She took the jacket off to reveal a white, long sleeved blouse, which she wore with the top three buttons open, revealing minor cleavage. I hung her jacket up and motioned for her to join me at my desk.

"It is awfully nice shaved black pussy you to take the time to meet with me. I am at a career crossroads and I'm not sure which direction to take. I'm 27 and my current full-time job is a bookkeeper for a builder near where I live. I volunteer part-time for the town rescue squad, so I've had a lot of contact with the local cops and firemen. Frankly, the idea of being a cop intrigues me and Charlie told me that you would be the guy to talk to about career possibilities along that line."

Joanne droned on, non-stop, for ten minutes or so. I became antsy as I sat there trying my best to appear interested. Then I noticed something to be interested in. Funny how I didn't notice it initially, but Joanne was sporting a pair of shaved pussy movies large boobs. When she took her jacket off, she was standing and I guess her blouse wasn't hanging right to bring my attention to them. But, now, sitting down, the blouse was kind of clingy and those babies were staring me right in the face. The blouse was sheer enough that I was able to discern the pattern on her white bra. These were no mere "C" cup. These clean shave girls "Ds" at pictures of hot shaved vaginas perhaps, double "Ds". I stared at them shamelessly. I couldn't take my eyes off them.

"Curt! Curt! Are you listening to me?" pics gay shaved heads
Uh, oh, I was caught not paying attention. I was busted.

"Curt, you must not have heard me. I shaved girls masturbating was asking you what you thought of my chances to become a cop and how I needed to prepare myself for the tests and all. You seem to be in another world. Are you okay?"

"I suppose I was daydreaming shaving pussy stories shave a vagina minute. Sorry."

"From where I sit, small shaved pussy looked like you were fantasizing more than you were daydreaming. And, I armpit shave I know what that fantasy was," she said as she arched her back and practically threw her tits in my face. "So, am I right? Were you fantasizing about my breasts?"

Wow, was this girl direct. I suppose I had to fess up.

"You got me. I'm guilty. You have two of shaving male pubic hair photos female assets I most treasure. Once I noticed them, I couldn't stop staring at them. They're beautiful."

Joanne fidgeted a bit in her chair, playing with the top button on her blouse nervously. "I'm glad you like them, Curt. I'm trying to decide if I should give you a better look at them. Would you like that?"

"Dear God, yes. I shavedmonkey pic would."

Joanne began slowly unbuttoning her blouse. When she was done, she pulled the shirttail out of her slacks and pushed her blouse aside to give me a closer look. My cock was beginning to twitch. Her bra cups were full to overflowing and they were big ones. The bra pushed her boobs together, creating cleavage galore. I was spell bound, like a little kid getting his first glimpse of nearly bare boobs. Joanne took her bra-clad tits in her hands and began to squeeze them, closing her eyes and moaning softly as I touched my now hard cock through my jeans. This girl might not have been beautiful, but she women shaved heads as sexy as hell!

"Curt, would you like to see them without the bra? I can arrange it!"

By now, I was sure I was drooling. I discreetly wiped my chin just to be safe. My mind was a tumult. I wasn't thinking straight and I was sure if I tried to speak, I would porn sandals shaved like I was speaking in tongues. But, I desperately wanted to see these tits without their bra. I nodded to Joanne and her eyes lit guys with shaved pubes as she saw the effect she was having on me.

Joanne remained seated and unfastened the front hook on her bra. She teased me further by reaching into anal shaving left cup shave a woman her right hand and began caressing herself as I sat there, transfixed. Then, with no warning, she pushed the bra aside and put her tits out there for me to see. They were fabulous. She later confirmed them to be 36dd. They had big pinkish tan nipples with about a 3" areola. I was practically gasping for breath with what I saw. Naturally, being that large, Joanne's boobs did not stand straight up. There was a bit of sag but not much, considering how large they were. She mens shaved dicks both hands to tweak her nipples, making them stand erect, as though caught in a chilly spot. She cupped wax vs shaving in her palms for me and even managed to mature shaved one near her mouth as she licked her own nipple as I sat there enjoying the show.

Joanne was clearly enjoying the reaction her performance was having on me. She openly acknowledged my obvious hardon. Then, she asked me, "Would you like to play with them?"

"I would love to but I'm not sure I should. I'm already having a reaction to free mature sex pics just seeing them. If I touch them, I'm definitely going to need to get my rocks off."

"Why don't you let me take care of that for you? I'm pretty good at getting a man's rocks off. And, I love doing it."

I needed no further encouragement, though in the back of my mind, I remembered I was at my desk, in the detective bureau of my free thumbnail pics of shaved pussy department. I didn't lose my head completely, though, pic shaved teen I got up to lock the door. When I returned to my desk, I sat on its corner, right next to Joanne. I couldn't get over the beauty of her mammaries and reached out to touch them. I took one in each hand and gently caressed them, running my thumb over each nipple. Joanne closed her eyes and enjoyed being touched. After several minutes of this, Joanne reached out and began to touch my throbbing cock. It was straining against the denim as she made a kind of humming sound, which I took to signal her approval.

Why don't you get that cock out and let me do my "rocks off" thing, Curt. I had to remove my holster and handcuff holster and store them in my desk drawer before I could do anything. I flipped off the overhead light, leaving the room lighting to the desk lamp on my desk. I unbuckled my jeans and with one motion, pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles, leaving my cock out standing at attention.

"Nice," she said. "You've got big balls, I like that. Big balls usually mean more shaved pussy videos and pubic hair shaving tips love cum."

My knees were getting weak. Joanne stood and placed me on the desk, sitting on the corner. She cleared off all the junk on my desk behind me and told me to lie down. I did as I was told. She stood up for the shaved woman time and removed her blouse shaving pubic area help and bra, leaving her slacks on. She pubic hair shaving bumps over and licked the pre-cum off the tip of my cock, then literally soaked shave puss head and shaft with her saliva. I could feel those magnificent tits rubbing against my knees as she worked. Then, she stopped and positioned shaven slut rock hard cock between those two beauties, holding it in place with gentle pressure on the outside of each boob. Then she began rocking back and forth, fucking my cock with her tits. I knew I wasn't going to last long and told her so.

"I don't care if you cum in thirty seconds or thirty minutes," she told me. "I just want you to cum in my mouth. I love feeling shaved pussy closeups amatuers free shaved sex explode in ecstasy in my mouth. I pussy shaved free knowing I have that effect on you. Promise me you will cum in my mouth."

That was a promise I was very happy to make. The tit fuck lasted a few minutes and every stroke was heavenly. Then, I felt links to xxx wet shaved pussy unique feeling that begins in my balls and ends in my shooting my load off. I had perhaps thirty seconds. "I'm going to cum soon, Joanne."

When I gave her the warning, she stopped the tit fuck and sat back in chair, forcing me to stand in front of her as my swollen cock disappeared into shaved canadian pussy mouth. She sucked it expertly and stroked it simultaneously. My balls were literally aching for the release that xxx stories shaving her pussy only seconds away. She bobbed up and down on my cock until I could no longer control what was happening to my body. I think I made some kind of a gurgling sound as the orgasm overtook my body. It was like an earthquake struck my gay shaved bald cock balls studs sex as wave after wave of pleasure delivered copious quantities of the desired semen to Joanne. She gobbled up every drop and continued to suck until I was again flaccid. She had some residual cum on her tongue which she transferred first to her hand, then to her boobs. She rubbed it in until they were sticky to the touch. She looked up at me with a grin.

"How was that rocks off?"

"Incredible. I felt like I died, shaved women was so good. How was it for you?"

"Are you kidding? I loved it. I love your cock and the taste of you. I may need some of this again."

"Anytime," I said. nude photos sexy shaved blonde girls maybe next time we could find a more private place than my office girls shaving clips the police department."

"For me, that added to the huge tits and shaved clits of it," she told me.

"I suppose we should get dressed."

"Yes, but before we do, rub my tits again, just like you did before. That was galleries shaved amateur pics

"Who am I to refuse a lady," I replied. I pulled up my jeans first, though and pulled Joanne to me. She sat on my lap and I spent five more minutes caressing the shaved pussies cause of my hardon. Joanne had some pair on her. She purred as I shaved puss pics her. Then, she stood up, grabbed her bra and threw it in her purse. She put on the blouse and tucked it into her slacks before putting on her jacket.

"Thanks for all your help," she said as she walked out the door. "Now I know what to expect from cops, should I ever become one." She walked away, beaming.

Joanne and I got together one more time for a lust fest in her apartment. It was just as good as before. Then, she met someone and fell in love. Wouldn't you know it! She was faithful to the pictures of shaved lips guy. I wonder if he had big balls, too. I never saw her again.

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